• Bookings receive an automatic 1 Soccer7s match ban.

• Sending-offs receive an automatic 2 Soccer7s match ban.
For example, if you have a another match on the same night as a ban you will serve the ban that night. Bans also roll over to subsequent week

• Red cards for abusive and violent will be REPORTED TO THE FA.

• Discipline Points: Booking = 1 pt; Sending Off = 2 points

• Players receiving more than 3 disciplinary points will be banned from the competition for 8 weeks. (this can carry over into the next season)

• Players found guilty of violent acts may also be banned permanently.

• Teams receiving +4 disciplinary points will be deducted a League Point per subsequent disciplinary point awarded

• TEAMS EXCEEDING 7 DISCIPLINE POINTS WILL BE BANNED from the competition permanently.
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